Some positions for Face Fucking

It is very important to take care om your safety in trying facefucking. Don’t push it too much. If you do it too quickly or rough you can hurt your partner and that’s not the point.

Before you start doing facefucking, i advice you to experiment first with deepthroating. So the girl can get used to the feeling of a dick in her throat. If you get used to a feeling of a dick in your throat its easier and more fun to do facefucking.

1. Head over the bed, also called throat swab (my favorite)

This is a common position for a girl to deepthroat a guy’s cock, and it works pretty much the same way. Even the normal blowjob from this position requires acceeding much control to the guy, and the only difference here is that no hands are used by the girl. The performing partner lies back on a couch or bed, tilting their head over the edge, while their partner penetrates their mouth from a kneeling, squatting, or standing position (depending on furniture height). Since the performing partner needs air to stay alive, pause frequently to give time for breath… The guy either grabs her head and fucks her face, or the presence of a non-moveable surface behind her head prevents it from withdrawing when being fucked. This position typically allow for deeper penetration of the mouth and throat, but also has the danger of allowing the guy to go too deeply, too quickly, resulting in injury to the throat and/or vomiting.



2. Fuck face – guy upright

The Fuck Face version of fellatio is similar to the Plumber but has the receiver kneeling upright, with the giver laying with their head on a pillow between the receiver’s thighs.

The giver performs oral and can use their hands to caress and explore their partner’s whole body. The receiver can carefully thrust in and out of the giver’s mouth while also carressing and exploring their partner’s body.


3. Fuck her face with her on her back – guy lating a bit (between upright and all fours)

In this position, the girl lies on her back, the guy assumes a kneeling position at her neck, penetrates her mouth with his cock and fucks her face. This position has some danger in it in that the girl cannot pull back if the guy accidentally goes too deep. This can injure her and/or result in exceeding the gag capacity, resulting in vomiting. If you do this, place her head on a soft pillow so that she has some ability to pull back if the penis goes too deep.

4. The plumber – guy on all fours over her head

The Plumber version of fellatio has the receiver kneeling on all fours, with the giver laying further down the bed with their head between the receiver’s knees. The giver performs oral and can use their hands to caress and explore their partner’s whole body. The receiver can dip and raise their dips to carefully thrust in and out of the giver’s mouth.


5. Reverse doggy

This position is known as the “Reverse Doggy” because it is basically the same basic process used in the standard doggy sex position, but with the opposite end on the receiving end of the cock . Similar to the kneeling position demonstrated above, the girl takes a position in front of the guy’s cock, he grabs her head and fucks her face.

6. Grab her heard while 69’ing

This position is identical to the standard 69 position, with the exception that the guy controls the motion of the girl’s head and can push it down onto his cock.

7. Standard “bed”- blowjob while head grabbing

This position is basically identical to the standard oral sex position where a guy lies on his back and the girl performs oral on him while between or over his legs. The exception here, again, is that the guy holds her head and controls the speed and depth of his penetrations.

8. Girls sits on her ass and guy stand over her

This one can be quite rough, the giver holds her head and throat with both hands fuck her head.


9. Head grabbing

In this position, the female kneels in front of the guy as in a regular blow job, but the guy grabs her head and fucks her mouth.