Reactions of other ladies

Well here I collect reactions from females about facefucking or deepthroating, I made this section to show the opinions of other females on facefucking. It’s not just a GUY THING! πŸ˜‰

I love giving my guy head, he assures me that I’m good, but I have a horrible gag reflex so I can never get him completely in my mouth.
Any advice on how to take it all, without the gagging, would be wonderful.
Anna, Colombia

My head tilted over the back of the bed and him fucking my mouth is one of my favorites. it makes me feel so submissive giving him lots of control and also lets him go in deep with less gagging on my end. As an added bonus he will sometimes have me lie with my hands under my back so i can’t move while his hands are all over my body.
Debbie, Colorado

This is great and I enjoy the pounding of my BF’s balls on my forehead. I always make sure that my head and neck is well over the edge of the bed with a pillow under my back to accomodate my partners height. If want it a bit different, I move up a little and get him to bend forward and and lick my pussy. I love this and once started I always make sure that his semen is fully swallowed. After all this position in my view is meant for mouth sex.
Tatiana, England

I can’t see how a man cannot cum when having fellatio. I have tried all positions, including some that I experiment with and all my partners have intense orgasms. Maybe your guy is not enjoying what you doing to him or in most cases you may be grazing his shaft with your teeth. This can be painful and easily drives a man away from oral sex. The only suggestion I can make is do fellatio on him with a gentle lip suck on the head of his penis. At the same time fondle his nipples gently with your fingers and then glide your lips gently over the head of his penis with a lot of saliva to increase smoothness. Also tell him not to withdraw if the sensation to cum is nearby: assure him that you want to suck him dry and do it. Best of luck!

I usually do it on my knees for my daily sessions. However I had the opportunity to “walk the extra mile” with one on my big load shooters so without any of us fully undressing we did this one on my office table. My neck supported with a pillow, went a little bit more backwards to align my head properly to his cock. There was no fondling or anything, just a good facefuck. This was fantastic as the guy held my head firm so that I could and did swallow and drained him clean of his juices. There was nothing to wipe off afterwards as all I did was straighten myself out and get back to working … GREAT FUN. LOL!!! Going to try it with another partner soon.
Brenda, UK

Having your head over the edge of the bed is the ideal position to learn deep throating as your neck can be placed well in line with the angle with which your partner’s penis is penetrating. When trying for the first time make sure that, like having anal sex for the first time, the thrust by your partner (especially if he has greater than 6 inches) has to be very gentle. You as the women need not do anything, but rather let your male partner glide in and out at different angles until you feel comfortable. Acceptance of a men’s penis this way into your mouth is very easy and if practised daily for about a week, the woman will be well on her way to being an expert deepthroater. Also remember that while doing a practice run, make it clear to your partner what your ambitions are and also don’t change positions when he ejaculates. Getting cum down your throat this way definately helps to increase sensations of deepthroating. If not wanting to be a deepthroater than use this position exclusively for mouth f**king. It’s great, but as the female, wriggle your head and bobble it up and down. Enjoy πŸ™‚
Mariana, Estonia

Well, I’m new to ifacefuck.com but I figure I’ll just jump right in! My hubby and I love facefucking for the most part because of the fact that I have no control. I am one of those women who like being used, so sue me. The only issue I have is that my hubby is rather large (7+ inches) and the angle can be odd at times. I have no problem with him ramming his cock down my throat, but it doesn’t allow me to deep throat him the way I like. Any ideas on how to fix that issue?
Manon, Netherlands

My hubby is huge as well (8 inch) and some of the the others that I have oral sex with. I normally just tell hubby to move higher over me and hand guide his penis into my mouth. I term this sex in the mouth so the responsibility is on him to guide it properly in. It works and i always make sure that his semen fills me up completely and swallow easily.
Tina, Germany