Learn to Face Fuck

Learn to facefuck

Lets say you would like to face fuck, i would recommend you the following steps.This is the way i learned it myself. Ofcourse if you have experiences skip one step or 2. But it’s handy i think to build it up, otherwise facefucking can be too overwhelming and, i think it would be bad that a bad experience would scare you away from it

1. Getting started

Let’s start buying a nice flexible dildo, maybe you have one already. But the flexible thing is important. Do this for yourself. The goal of this step is to get used to having something in throat. I bought this one when i was 16 after a tip from a friend of mine. Try to be relaxed, don’t overdo it. Just enjoy what you’re doing, it is fun practicing yourself and imaginiging what you can do with it in the future! 😉

You will need something to deep throat. I *highly* recommend a flexible, near-lifelike dildo such as this one that I used. If you can get one that has the “realistic skin” or “realistic feel,” it will make the practice much more realistic for you! The dildo will more or less act like a real cock will when you try to DT it. I suggest take a length no less than 6 inches – i used a double dildo like heather down here is using. I also placed a link to a webshop where they sell good and cheap ones for $30. The average mouth is about 3.5 inches deep, and the average penis length is about 5.5 inches, so even with a 6 inch dildo, you should be okay. I wanted to make sure I could handle anything that came my way, though, and elected to go with a longer one. 😛


Make sure your dildo is lubricated before you try to push it into the back of your throat. I use my own saliva – you just have to spend some time with it in your mouth to get it all juiced up. I prefer not to take any lubrication. Since it’s something you shouldnt get used to. I mean if you are with a man, its not always you have the lube with you, your slaiva is the best lube. There are thing around to relaxe your throat a bit. It might help you the first time but afterwards you’ll get used to it and will be sort of an addiction. It might take some more time to learn it without other numbing types of lube, but the end result will be much better!

I had no boyfriend when i bought this dildo and it took me quite some time to learn it. I used to practice every day in the evening for a few minutes. After about month 1 i first shoved it in my throat. (so dont get unmotivated if you dont succeed the first time!) and i think after 2 or 2 1/2 month i could get it down quite easily. I remember the first day when i tried, i really thought what the fuck am i doing. I can never do this! But really trust me, you can do it. It helped me to sometimes talk with somebody about it, i had an online friend that i shared my progress with, it’s good to share your experiences and sometimes get some spirit to go on. To conclude: Just try, i never regretted it and every time i deepthroat or face fuck a guy now, im happy i did this back then!

You can do it with you partner next to you, but i think that is not so helpful, you might overstretch yourself to impress him. So you loose the joy in doing it. I preferred doing it on my own. And imagine if you can do it after 2 month, the present you can give to your bf 😉

This is a nice video of heather of ideepthroat where she shows how you can do it, she’s very experienced so dont feel bad if you cant do it like her!


2. Try your man – your speed


3. Try Facefucking