My first time facefucking

How I started facefucking

Hi all, well a bit strange to start talking about myself and sharing some things about myself with you. But I thought it is essential when i make a site on facefucking what the meaning of it is to me.

My Background

In starting of high school i have never been really popular, so boys were not chasing me at all. Till 16 i never really kissed a boy, but longed for it. I think from about 15 i got in puberty and started feeling sexual things. I had nobody to practice with so was a lot online. Surfing around website, watching movies. I was so curious to see everything, what was going on and what i got to do. when i went to school I already longed to get back home and site behing my computer and watch sexual things. I don’t think thats really normal but i later met people online who did about the same.

Almost from the beginning from when i saw pictures of sex, i got fascinated with oral sex. The look of it, of seeing a man cum. I fantasized a lot about that and masturbated countless times on that. (good memories lol 😉

I sometimes watched deepthroat or facefucking movies as well. It turned me on a lot, dont know why, i felt it a bit sick, i mean the man is really in control. So i think now it must be a certain bit submissive side of myself. I fantasized about strong men, mostly older i think. But still i never had sex.

At a certain point i decided that i wanted to learn it myself , i had seen some movies of heather brooke (shes the woman of ideepthroat) with a flexible dildo. I was fascinated how she did it and also her man 🙂

Buy a dildo

Then one afternoon I decided to buy a dildo. I lived back then in Groningen and went to this christine leduc store at the gedempte zuiderdiep in Groningen. I remember I was so scared. I thought about ordering one by mail, but the risk of my parents discovering the package was to big for me. So went there after school, i remember my heart pounding in my chest, fuck. I biked by 3 times i think, to be really sure there were no classmates or familiar people in the neighbourhood. Then i stepped inside. Felt so strange, i mean i had seen all in the movies or stores online, but in real life is very much different! I looked around in the dildo section, i thought that everybody was looking at me. That the woman would come and kick me out of the store. I already looked on the internet what i wante dto order. I looked for this flexible double dildo, which is actually made for lesbians (which im not btw :-)). Its very flexible and perfect to learn to deepthroat i learned from somebody online. I remember picking it up from the shelf and walking to the counter. I know i was beetred :-). The woman was quite professional and i gave her the money. I pushed the dildo in my bag and walked out of the store, heart pounding in my chest. Nobdoy saw me when got out, didnt dare to look around, walked straight to my bike and biked away. Think i dared to look up only after a few minutes. Then remember a rush coming over me. Felt so proud that i dared to buy a dildo! WOW!

First try

I went home, biked like crazy and couldnt wait to be back home. I sneaked into the home, thank god parents were not home and went to my room. Locked my door.

I remember unpacking it, as if it was best present i ever got 🙂 It was packed in strong plastic so had to get scissors to get it of. Hold it in my hand, felt jelly like, so cool i finally had it. The same as i ahd seen in the movies online! I made it a bit wet with my saliva and brought it in my mouth. Damn felt big already like that and licked it, thought of doing this to a man. And then brought it bit back in my throat. I ahd to gag like hell! It really disappointed me, not at all like the girls online. I couldn’t do it, I had to vomit, tears in my eyes, i felt soo bad! That brought me bac to my senses. Tried again but the same. No difference. Went online to talk with a woman who had some experiences with it. And she advised me to relax first a bit, play a bit with yourself on your bed and then try with the dildo. To pratice regularly and dont worry too much about it. The push it too hard. I followed her advice. Even though i was a bit disappointed. But i learned to like it, playing with my self with my left hand and the dildo in my mouth with my left hand. Sometimes touching my throat. But not to far. And playing with myself. I liked the feeling of having the dildo in mouth while fingering. Most of the time i did it before i went to bed for about 20 minutes. and sometimes when i got home from school. SO about 2 times aday.

After a month i for the first time I was able to swallow part in my throat without choking! It felt so strange, i left it there for 5 seconds withpout moving because i was afraid that if i would move i would choke again. Then i pulled it out, had to do some deep breaths 🙂 damn but unsuspected but i did it! had a few centimeters in my throat for the first time! I was almost shaking a bit, so strange. I tried it again, very very slowly swallowing it when it touches my throat and it went in again! and i maturbated. I was proud. I tried again, but to fast and had to choke like hell, but i did it!

In the following month i was able to get it in every day. and got used to the feeling and could move a bit. Especially after the first time i really ahd a sore throat, but I got used to it. I experimented during the month, pushing it in deeper with the few days it went easier. I couldnt imagine how difficult it was the first day! After the second month i could put it in my mouth and quite easily swallow it in my throat.

I made it rougher every day, i imagined a man holding my head and fucking my mouth. How powerful that would feel, was curious for the taste, the power coudlnt wait to try! i was 16 then and never even kissed with a man! I felt not so sexy, from 14 15 i had quite a lot of pimples and glasses. SO wasnt the girl guys liked. I was quite flatchested, in contrary to many other girls in holland my age. But from 16 pimples got bit less, still had my glasses, was forming some breasts and was able to facefuck myself with a dildo.

More realistic dildo

I then decided to but a more realistic dildo with more like the structure of a real penis and stronger material. The flexible dildo was to flexible to really represent a mans penis when its really hard. Went to the same store again, buying a more resembling dildo. I picked a very, sexy 9 inch vibrator. (i had been looking on the website of the store for more than a month already which would be the dildo that i wanted to buy for myself). When i walked in i immediately saw it and took it. When i tried it for the first time at home, it was bit of a deception, since it was not to easy with this dildo, it didnt adjust so easily to form of my throat. SO it was a bit harder, not so hard as my first time with the other dildo, but still difficult. I mostly used this dildo to practice now and sometimes the other (when io did that it felt so easy :-)) think its all relative (getting philiospohical here). That i had the vibrator in my pussy and the long double one in my throat. Playing like this can be quite addictive though!

Then i really felt like i was ready for a real man, every inch of my body wanted it. Wanted to taste a man. Watched movies online every day, but that made the urge even worse. But at school i was not so popular and didnt want people gossiping about me. one friend of mine from school once sucked of a boy after going out in the streets and every body still calls her a slut. It is so bad how people judge other people i hate that! But didnt wnat the same.

I didnt want to go online, because who know you might meet, so didnt know what to do. I was quite insecure as well, since i had no real experience with men at all. So nothing really happened. My parents wouldnt let me go out much, so i kept playing with myself. Watching movies fucking my face with the dildo thinking it was a man, that hold my head.


That summer of 2007 my parents allowed me to go to spain with some friends. I was surprised by it, because they were always very protective but i think the parents of my friends told them it was ok for some girls of 16 to go on a vacation together. We went to Salou a place in Spain, bit of a party city in July. And we booked in april, couldnt wait to go and just knew that it would happen then. That i will have sex with someone. I coudlnt wait, i even went to the doctor on my own to get a recipe for the pill. I started that in may, so it would be good on vacation. I got lenses, without telling my parents! Got rid of those bad glasses. I still wore them to school, since my aprnets are very against lenses (they ruin your eyes) but i wanted to look good on vacation. SO sometimes at home tried the lenses, it’s bit the same as learning to face fuck. lol, you might think shes crazy. But the first time i tried to get them in, my eyes just kept blinking, couldnt stop, eyes with tears took my half an hour every day to get them in. But its so eas now lol

I remember we took the bus to spain. I packed my bags (with my mother aaah) hearing all their warnings… so tiring, guess they mean it well, but I had other intentions. We went with 4 friends and my parents dropped us off in utrecht, where the bus left. 🙂 we went for 10 days. A very long trip first, a friend of mine was flirting with some boys but i didnt really get attention from the boys in the bus. I didnt feel so good, bit lonely. We slept a bit and about 24 hours later we arrived at our hotel. We had an appartment with 2 rooms, 4 beds, and i just felt bad, rejected. My friend even kissed with a guy during that night in the bus. We made ready to go out directly after we arrived it was already like 9pm. I just felt abd and tired, bit sick. So my friends left and i stayed for a short sleep. But couldnt sleep, here i was all alone in spain. Friends having fun, getting guys… Me lonely.

I decided to get up and just make a quick walk outside and just buy some things for myself, pulled on a shorts and my tevas. Make myself feel good. Bit shopaholic 🙂 First i bought a nice white bikini felt a bit better lol, then bought a nice short black skirt (didnt take one since my mother checked all my bags) and at last bought some sexy heels, my parents never let me wear those, i wanted them now, black ones. Sometimes i wore my moms at home when they were not at home, but i was no experienced heel walker. I felt a bit better and went to the appartment and thought, you know what i’ll just go out with my friends. So i called them, but couldnt reach them. But didnt want to stay at the appartment, i’ll just go walk around on my own. I took a nice shower, shaved my pussy and legs completely. I wanted to look good tonight! I put on a thong, my new black skirt, my heels and a nice tight fitting white shirt. I put on my lenses and put on my makeup to cover my pimples. I put on some strong makeup, i wanted tolook sexy! i put my hair in a pigtail, i looked in the mirror, i hadnt seen myself like that before. I felt sexy! Wlaking was wobbly but i didnt care.

Going out

I walked out the door and im not exagerating within 5 minutes some guys said “hey whats you name? where are you going?” really i never had that before that guys just walk up to me. I felt quite flattered! I was like im Kim, and im looking for my friends, but cant reach them. SO they invited me over with them! I had attention from guys! WOW maybe my avcation wouldnt be too bad! We went to this bar and they bought me drinks, we were dancing, i had a great night. I was dancing and then a guy went dancing with me.

That one special guy

One guy i hadnt seen before, he was quite a bit older maybe 30 orso i dont know, he touched my body while dancing, i was a bit drunk, it felt like a rush so good, for the first time a guy touching me like that.. i was dancing with my ass to his dick and could feel him. I was scared but excited! he touched my sides my breasts in the middle of the dancefloor over my clothes. He pulled my arm, i could only go with him, i saw the other guys looking at me, walking after this guy. I couldnt and didnt want to stop it. We walked, i was a bit wobbly on my heels, and a bit the booze and went through my ankle. I felt so stupid. I got up again as if nothing happened, my ankle hurt but i didnt care, he took me to the toilets, and pulled me into a booth. I touched him, it felt so good, he pushed me down to sit on the toilet and opened his pants. And took his hard dick out, i smelled it, i felt all thrills in my life. This was it, damn. I felt it, it was hot, strong, wow. I was so hot, licked the top. Took it in my mouth and moved me mouth up and down. All the past came through me, me pracicing with the dildo watching all those movies online and here i was doing it! This is it! I hold his ass and moved my mouth up and down his dick. It was so hot! I moved my mouth deeper on his dick swallowing his dick. Deepthroating him. I heard him grunt: Wow youre great! He should have knows it was my first time! lol He took my head in his both strong hands, mm he moved my face and face fucked me! Wow what was happening?! I felt myself, i was so wet, dripping like hell, i started fingering my pussy with my right hand. While he fucked my face. I was so horny it didnt hurt, i didnt choke, my god.. I almost came, i heard him grunt: AHH AHH, fuck i was almost cumming, he moved my head fully on his dick, i felt my tears dripping down, i was cumming, he was cumming, my god! I felt him pulse getting his dick out a bit, i could taste the first of cum in my life. SO this was it.. i licked the tip of his dick licking him cum, then i almost collapsed back, it was so intense that i came and the he left.. just saying bye..

He left me there sitting in the toilet, i felt wasted but so fullfilled, so sexy… i closed the lock again and kept sitting there tasting his cum. A man i didnt know his name even off. After 15 minutes i got up, my ankle hurted and had to do my mascara, because of the tears it all run out. I was in the guys toilet, i saw all their eyes, and ran out to the girls tpoilet to do my eyes. I looked wasted, some cum on my chin, wiped it off the moment i saw it. What had happened what did i do? I redid my makeup. And walked back to the guys, they asked what did you do? Nothing i said.:-)

I said them goodbye, it had been so intense and walked of into the night to my appartment…

Hope you liked reading my first time, i used quite some words as i can see now. 🙂 But I hope you liked it and maybe can help you to enjoy facefuckign as well. Maybe i’ll write some more, comments are very welcome! Took me loads of time to write this (i’m no american so english is still hard for me)

X Kim